5 things to do when buying a used iPhone

If you are buying from any of the big sellers like Amazon, Gazelle, Swappa or Ebay, you can ask the seller to check the EMEI/MEID number.

Make sure it doesn’t have an iCloud Activation Lock

Apple’s known for the high level of security they build into their products; after all, when was the last time you heard about a virus infecting a Mac? One of the latest features that come as a standard with iOS7 and above is iCloud Activation Lock.

The iCloud Activation Lock is where your iPhone is locked to one specific iClould account. This means that if you don’t have the right username and password, you can’t use the phone. It won’t matter if you reset the phone, jailbreak it, or get it hardware unlocked, you’ll be stuck with a very expensive paperweight.


Buying a blacklisted phone on Kijiji is probably the worst outcome. The blacklist is a database of phones that have been reported as stolen. Once a phone is blacklisted, it will not be able to connect to any network.

The phone will seem to be working perfectly, but the moment you pop in your SIM card, you won’t be able to connect to your carrier. If this happens, you’ve essentially bought a very expensive iPod.

Things Worth Considering as You Get Ready to Buy a Used iPhone

Let’s say that you have your heart set on buying a used iPhone. You know that you’re going to do it; what remains to be worked out are all of the details involved.

The first thing you’ll need to look at is precisely how much money you have to spend. Generally speaking, the more you have, the newer a model you’ll be able to get. If you have at least a couple of hundred dollars to bring to the table, then you should be able to get a generation of iPhone that is not too far removed from the latest one. It likely will not have all of the most innovative and attractive features, but it should still have several of them.

Find My iPhone

This is arguably the most important thing that must be checked when buying a used iPhone.

While there are ways to disable Find My iPhone later, it’s tedious and will sometimes require you to pay for a service for iCloud lock removal.

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