FRP bypass methods for the Samsung J2

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Bypass Google FRP Lock on Samsung J2 with Talkback

The talkback feature is designed to provide voice feedback in case it’s difficult to look at your screen. This feature’s name varies depending on the software version but the functionality is the same.

By enabling the Talkback feature you can bypass Samsung J2 FRP by pressing the Home Button 3 times, next we will draw letter ”L”, which will give you access to the internet browser to download and install (Google account Manager 5, 6 versions) to add a new Google account.

What is FRP?

Android OS provides built-in security features you can use to protect your Smartphone and information, including screen locks with data encryption. Thieves cannot use your phone if your phone is stolen. Because he does not know the passwords of your Gmail account. Factory Reset Protection (FRP)is a security feature on Android devices withAndroid Lollipop 5.1OS and higher.

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) automatically will be activated on your device. If it is logged in to a Google account, and you reset your mobile. Once the Samsung FRP is activated, it prevents the use of a device after a factory reset or Hard reset. If you know the password for your previously logged ID, you can easily remove the FRP lock google account on Samsung mobiles by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. But when you forget the password then to lock out of your Google account, you need to remotely log in to your logged-in Google account, and you will have to log in to a new Google ID. Today I will show you how you can easily bypass Google FPP Lock. And you can get your phone back as before.

Samsung j2 google account frp bypass?

When you bypass FRP, the security measures that were put in place to protect your data are no longer effective. This means that anyone who has access to the data can access it without any restrictions.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to stop a FRP bypass depends on the specific situation and configuration. However, some general tips that may help include disabling unused ports on devices that are connected to the network, using strong passwords and security measures for devices and accounts, and regularly checking for updates to software and firmware.


Samsung releases security patch level updates for their phones each month that fixes the loopholes that we have just used to bypass Google account. If you’re reading this guide and it does not work and you don’t get similar options on your device it means Samsung has already patched this method and you need to find a different solution. We always try to update our posts with latest methods.

We also provide FRP unlock service for Samsung phones & tablets that can unlock any Samsung model and even Android 13 security. Our remote unlock service requires Windows PC to unlock your phone. you can learn more about our online FRP bypas service here We have written a Samsung A53 5G FRP Bypass without PC

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