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We share free PDF schematics for Samsung brand in direct download. Daily we will add new schematic models thanks to the collaboration of teachers and colleagues.

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If you do not find the schematic for the Samsung model you are looking for, we invite you to visit this website again in a while as we make updates to the different brands as we add new diagrams and schematics

How important are schematics

The essential thing about having a service manual, diagram or schematic when it comes to microelectronics repair, regardless of the circuit to be repaired, be it a cell phone, a camera or a television, is not only the interpretation but also everything that a schematic implies. , how to know the components, what are the functions of these components, what happens when a component is damaged, what happens to the board, what should and should not be done, and how to proceed.

Differences between schematic drawing and service manual

One thing is the service manual and quite another the schematic diagram. The service manual does not show us the total content of the circuit design or specific data on lines. A service manual has several suggestions and a block diagram oriented to basic repairs, also some service manuals may have information on how to give software service to the equipment for some repairs oriented and delivered by the brands to their center technicians of authorized repairs. On the other hand, the Schematic Plan does not have a recommendation or a flow chart, but it gives us detailed information on the lines or circuits, information on voltages, types of components with names and values.

Learn to read schematics the easy way

If you want to learn to read schematics, something fundamental when repairing, we share this video by Anibal Garcia where he shows in a very easy way how to learn to interpret them.
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