Everything you need to know about buying a used iPhone

There are countless loyal iPhone users throughout the world since the Apple iPhone is without a doubt the best flagship phone on the market.

Users of Apple products are less inclined to switch to another brand since they are accustomed to its pristine interface, superior quality, and astounding performance.

Cons of Buying a Used iPhone

There are certainly some potential drawbacks of buying a used iPhone, though, that are worth mentioning. The biggest one is probably that since you’re not the first owner, you don’t know everything that has happened to the device you are considering buying. It might look okay, but appearances can be deceiving when it comes to electronic devices. Even testing it and determining that it seems okay might not play out to your advantage. It might seem fine for a couple of days, and then suddenly die on you. That is nowhere near as likely with a brand-new device.

Related to this would be the issue of the warranty. If you buy an iPhone brand-new, then you can expect it to come with a one-year warranty. That protects you from manufacturing glitches or faulty equipment that could lead to your needing repairs or a replacement device within the first year. You can even purchase Apple Care and get an additional year of coverage, or even two. If you buy your phone with some high-end credit cards, you can also double the length of your warranty.

Find My iPhone

This is arguably the most important thing that must be checked when buying a used iPhone.

While there are ways to disable Find My iPhone later, it’s tedious and will sometimes require you to pay for a service for iCloud lock removal.

Understand the risk of buying a used iPhone in 2020

Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that the phone won’t be reported as stolen after you’ve bought the phone.

If the seller has the phone under insurance, they might report the phone as stolen once they’ve sold it to you. They stand to gain a bit of money, and you stand to lose the use of your phone.

Visual Hardware Inspection

After you’ve verified the box contents, invoice, and existing warranty status of the second-hand iPhone, it is time to know about the condition of the smartphone by giving it a thorough visual inspection. This will help us to know about any existing damages/faults so you can negotiate accordingly.

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