How Many Times a Day Should You Charge Your iPhone

You wouldn’t think you’d need anyone to tell you how to charge your iPhone, but one TikTok user makes a good case for following his example …

How to make your phone battery last longer:

A portable charger will not only top off your battery for the time being but will also prevent your battery from dropping below 20% and consuming a charge cycle.

Apps running in the background are one of the main causes of fast battery drainage. Even when your app isn’t necessarily being used, it may have some features turned on that draw additional power from your battery, so turning these features off can give you a massive boost in battery life.

Do Not Place The Phone Under The Pillow While It Is Getting Charged

Many people have a habit of keeping their phones under their pillow so that it is easier to reach. Sometimes, they leave it under the pillow even when the device is getting charged, which is extremely dangerous. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the phone generates heat while getting charged, and that heat needs to be dissipated in order to save the phone from any possible damage or battery degradation. However, when the mobile phone is placed under the pillow, it can no longer dissipate heat and gets extremely hot. In some cases, it leads to the pillow catching fire which then spreads to the entire mattress and the room.


As you can see, leaving your iPhone to charge overnight is not a good idea. Not only does it reduce the lifespan of the battery, but it can also cause the battery to overheat. The battery might catch fire leading to bodily injuries. To avoid this, ensure to have a power bank and carry your charger.

Here’s How To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Anyone who’s used an iPhone will have discovered that this powerful, intuitive and fun smartphone also has some pitfalls that come with it’s many benefits. The biggest disadvantage and inconvenience of owning any type of iPhone, is that of iPhone battery life. It is well documented that average use of an iPhone creates a need to charge it every day. “Heavy” users have confessed to needing to charge their Apple iPhone multiple times a day or simply keep it plugged in throughout a 24 hour period.

Historically, iPhone battery life has been poor compared to other smartphones. Apple has somewhat addressed the issue of battery life with some of the newer iPhone releases. For those of us with an older iPhone, the battery struggle is very real. Looking back at the older iPhone 6, even Apple advocates did not expect the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus battery life to break any battery life records. In fact, testing shows they are not even rated in the top 3 for this spec. Way back at the release of the iPhone 6, Apple iPhones trailed behind other smartphone offerings such as Sony’s Xperia X3, Huawei’s Ascend Mate7, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC’s One (M8) when it came to smartphone battery life.

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