How Much Does a Used iPhone Depreciate

New data provided by a trade-in website shows that an iPhone trade-in gets you twice as much as trading in a comparable flagship Android smartphone a year after you bought it. Both comparisons are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price, to ensure that they are like-for-like …

3rd year phone depreciation rates

(release date)

iPhone 7
(Sept. 2016)
(Sept. 2019)

Galaxy S7
(March 2016)
(March 2019)

(April 2016)
(April 2019)

Depreciation rates accelerate when a new flagship phone is announced. For example, the iPhone X lost 19% of its value from July to September 2018 ($733 to $592), when the iPhone XS was released.

In fact, old models can lose between 15% and 40% of their values during the weeks surrounding a new flagship launch. Many sellers beat the value drops by taking advantage of price locks, which let you lock in a price now yet wait up to 30 days to sell your phone. That way you can keep your old phone while you wait for a new phone to arrive – without losing value in the meantime. Price locks are free and there’s no obligation to sell.

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What Happens To An iPhone’s Value After 2 Years? 

To find out what happens to the depreciation of the iPhone after two years of usage, we look at the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 was launched about 2 years ago with a retail price of $1,288 for a 128 GB model. If you were to sell it today, you would be able to get about $450 based on the online price offered. That means your depreciation over 2 years would have been $838, or about 33% per year. It’s still a lot, but not as much compared to the iPhone 6S after one year.

What Makes the iPad Air 5 Stand Out Over Previous Models?

Whenever Apple releases a new device, it provides a technological edge over the previous model that came before it. This trend continues with the iPad Air 5.

Perhaps the biggest thing that stands out with this model is the Apple M1 chip. This was previously used in the iPad Pro, providing twice the performance boost over the previous chip, along with a 60 percent boost to the CPU. This essentially means faster loading, as well as the ability to handle multiple apps without slowdown.

iPhones depreciate less than Samsung phones

Even more good news for iPhone users; your phone is likely to retain its value better than a Samsung. Sorry, Android fans…

Both the iPhone 7 128GB and the iPhone 6 128GB lost around 60% of their value in a year – not bad, but not as good as the newer iPhone models.

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