How Much Does an IMEI Cleaning Cost

How to Activate iPhone IMEI Blacklisted and Blocked

Many mobile phone repair stores offer phone buyback programs to their customers and end up buying back a phone that they’re unable to activate due to a bad IMEI phone number that’s been blacklisted by the carrier.

Ask your carrier to unblock your ESN/IMEI

If your ESN/IMEI is blacklisted for non-payment, you might be able to get it off the blacklist by bringing your account up-to-date. Ask your carrier about this option. Once it’s off the blacklist, you can either continue using it or sell it.

Why are phones locked?

The main reason is that the original owner of the phone purchased it from a mobile phone retailer who was a member of an agreement with the mobile phone network operator to only sell phones to consumers who were willing to sign a contract with that network. Another common reason is that the phone was lost or stolen and the previous owner had not deactivated the SIM card from the phone. Yet another is that the phone was purchased but not yet activated by the consumer.

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has the authority to regulate the sale of cellular phones. This means that if you purchase a phone from a carrier like AT&T or Verizon they can legally prevent you from using that phone on any other network. This is called “Locking” a phone and is common practice among all major carriers. However, this was not always the case. Prior to the 1990s, it was legal for consumers to “unlock” their phones and use them with any network they chose. This led to a free-for-all where consumers would roam from network to network as they saw fit. This situation changed in the late 1990s when the major carriers banded together to stop this practice. In 1999, the major wireless carriers (AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular (now AT&T), Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon) announced they were teaming up to create a consortium called the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association). The purpose of this organization was to get an end to the consumer unlocking practice. The major carriers also formed a similar organization called the SIMDE (SIM Device Enforcement) Group. Both of these organizations are trade associations that lobby for laws that support their members’ interests. These groups have been very successful and today, it is against the law for any carrier to prevent you from using your phone on any other network. However, it is not illegal for a carrier to charge you more for using your phone on another network. In fact, most major carriers do just that.

Rated Blacklisted Phone Buyer Online

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Here is how to use:

  1. Visit one of the above services’ website
  2. Select your carrier, offer your IMEI
  3. Make the payment

You just need to offer the IMEI of your device to one of the two trusted services, they will get your phone removed from blacklist in a few days.

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