How to Maintain Your iPhone

Letting apps have unrestricted access to your iPhone’s Location Services can shorten battery life. On a different note, that can also lead to privacy issues. Open the Settings app and go to Privacy > Location Services to view all apps that use Location Services.

You can then tap on an app and select Never to make it stop using Location Services. Or, pick on any of the other options to curtail Location Services usage, such as having it ask you for your permission each time you open it.

A lot of apps these days track your phone’s location to support their services, constantly scanning with a combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and cell tower locations for maximum accuracy. To ensure that you’re not wasting battery life, it’s best to only let these apps access your location services only when you’re using the app.

If you have an iPhone you can go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and set your preferences there. On Android phones, you can go to Settings > Security & Location > Location > Advanced to disable WiFi scanning and Bluetooth scanning completely or Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > App Permissions to block apps from using location services in the background.

Enable Optimized Charging

This is a neat little feature present on all iPhones running iOS 13 or later. It optimizes the charging pattern of the device based on your usage habits. It learns your battery charging habits with time and then decides when you might need to fast-charge your iPhone and when it can charge at a slower rate.

For example, if you charge your phone overnight, the charging speed will be slower since there’s ample time to charge the battery. However, if you plug your phone in during the middle of the day, it will charge faster. Here’s how you can enable it.

Enable Low Power Mode

There is a setting that comes in almost every smartphone- low power mode. When your phone’s battery is critically low and you want to stretch for some more time, you can use this setting which disables all background activities and unused apps. This, in turn, saves battery life as well as improves battery health too. 

When your iPhone battery drops by 20 percent, you receive a notification to enable the low power mode. Then you can turn it on with just one tap.

Updating OS

The Apple team provides frequent updates about the operating system to keep your iPhone working efficiently; all you have to do updating it to the latest version. The new version comes up bugs-free and improves iPhone’s battery life as well. Even there are various online mobile phone shops as well that can help you update the operating system.

Whenever you are feeling that your iPhone is not working well or as per the expectations, just try that old “reboot method”. It comes as the fastest solution in various cases along with several advantages including solving battery drainage issues, slow performance, freeing up the iPhone’s RAM; improving the working, and others. Sometimes, rebooting can help you solve the general issues related to iPhone, and you will be no longer needed to end up going for mobile phone repair in Bournemouth.

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