How to tell if an iPhone is original or a copy

Next to the charging port you can see some of the common screws used in all the iPhone products. These are called Penta lobe screws, simply meaning they have 5 screw head points. The fake iPhone 13 have normal cross screws which can be a dead giveaway if you pay attention to such a small element.

Next you can look at the camera build from the back. This is not from within the app itself but just the camera alone. Usually in the fake iPhone 13, recedes a bit, giving the camera less height than that of the original iPhone.

How to Check if Your iPhone is an Original or Fake with these Features

Here are a couple of things you should know if you’re about to purchase an iPhone from an unofficial Apple reseller: You can guarantee that you have a real iPhone if you purchase it directly from the Apple store, of course. Sometimes, buying it used and saving a few dollars makes sense considering the hefty price tag of an Apple iPhones. Many dishonest smartphone manufacturing companies regularly create fake iPhone lookalikes after seeing Apple’s phones’ popularity, quality, demand, and design. And the clones are so well-fabricated nowadays that it can be tough to differentiate between real and fake iPhones. With such a huge market for Apple products, the fake iPhone market has become very lucrative for dishonest phone manufacturers. Many legal attempts to apprehend fake iPhone manufacturers in the market have, unfortunately, failed. The best thing that we can do now is to educate people so they won’t fall victim to these unethical manufacturers. So, next time whenever you or your friends buy an Apple product, this article should help you identify the difference between real and fake iPhones. And this includes all models of iPhones, including up to the iPhone 12 Pro.

Easy ways to check your iPhone battery health

Check the specification displayed on the box:

You should see the Serial no., IMEI number, iPhone Model, color, and capacity storage labeled on Every iPhone box match them with the device in the box to make sure they are the same.

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