How to tell if an iPhone is real

Easy ways to check your iPhone battery health

Charging Port

Next up is the charging port. Most fake iPhone manufacturers have evolved past the need to put fake charging ports in their products. However, one way to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a fake one is the border around the port. Fake ones will have a plastic border, or just an engraved line to emulate the styling that Apple gives their real iPhones.

This is one of the best ways of telling the difference between an original iPhone and a knockoff. Original iPhones ship with special PentaLobe screws (they look like stars with 5 points). So, if your supposed iPhone has the normal cross screws instead, then it is definitely fake.

Launch Siri

Another tip on how to check fake iPhone is to check if Siri’s application is there. If it is there, try to launch it and see if it will work.

Siri, an iPhone mobile assistant only works on an original iPhone. If it does not work, then it might be that the iPhone is a fake one.

A green tick means it is a valid product from Apple.

By checking from your end, you would be able to choose a reliable and genuine device as per your overall needs. It can be very helpful if you are buying an iPhone for the first time. You should understand that market is filled with a lot of fake iPhone devices and you should take into consideration vital steps before proceeding further.

Physical things to check the authenticity of an iPhone/ How to Spot a Fake iPhone Physically?

Sign 3: Check the logo

Fake iPhones have logos that are often off in placement being too high or lower than they should be. In addition, On the rear of the phone, you should find an Apple logo. In case you can’t see the Apple logo, then it’s a fake iPhone. Some fake iPhones are so convincing that they also have the Apple logo on the rear. Conversely, you can just brush your finger over the logo. If you feel a transition from the phone cover to the Apple logo, you have a fake.

Typically the operating system on the clones is Android engineered to appear like Apples iOS. If at boot up for instance you are greeted with unusual welcome screen that usually on android rather than the logo of the iPhone, its certainly a clone.

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