How to tell if my iPhone short-circuited


DON’Ts for Water Damaged iPhone

  • Do not press any buttonsof wet iPhone
  • Do not try to switch on your iPhone to avoid short circuit
  • Do not use a hairdryer or other drying tools to dry your phone
  • Do not place your iPhone in raw rice toavoid foreign particles entering inside

After doing above essential hacks, once you power on your water damaged iPhone, there are two possibilities, either your phone starts working but you have lost your data or iPhone does not switch on at all!Do not panic, as in either case, you can recover your lost photos and videos from a water damaged iPhone via two methods

Salt water damaged smartphones corrode faster, ship to eProvided.

Water damaged phone data recovery experts explain. Fresh water inside your smartphone is not the same as salt water. Salt water is much more damaging to the circuits inside your phone. Corrosion to the NAND chips, controller circuits and connections become extreme. If salt water remains on the motherboard, chances of damage to circuits increases.

Dropped your phone in salt water? Okay, don’t panic. Salt corrodes internal components, drop your phone into fresh water to wash the salt away. How long should you do this for? That can vary. Longer exposures to salt water in phones require longer rinse times. If your phone was not in water long, you might not need to soak it at all.

Take your phone out of the case

If your iPhone was in a case when you dropped it, water might have gotten trapped inside. Remove your iPhone’s cover and any other accessories, including its screen protector.

Wipe your naked iPhone with a lint-free towel to dry it. You want the liquid on the exterior of your gadget to soak without leaving material fibers on it. If you don’t have a lint-free cloth, a t-shirt will typically be enough.

Cause of Short Circuit

These short circuits can happen in mobile phones, laptops and as well as gaming consoles which needs to be brought to the specialised repair stores for the required care that is needed to be bring back the device to its normal working condition. Here it becomes important to know the main causes of short circuits which would be helpful. For instance, if your iPhone suffered a short circuit you should be looking for the services or stores of iPhone repair in Glenview.

  • The most common cause of occurrence of short circuits in the phones, laptops, gaming consoles and other small electronic devices is damage due to water. When water droplets intervene the working of the circuits, they cause a less resistive path between the terminals which does not allow the current to reach its destination.
  • Another important cause of short circuit is due to the leakage of fluids from the batteries of the devices which disturbs the path of the current.
  • Short circuit might also be caused as a result of faulty chargers which sends an overload of current into the channels.
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