How to turn on a dead cell phone

When an iPhone dies, it isn’t genuinely empty of battery power. Instead, a small percentage remains to power its wireless chips that can be used with the Find My feature. If you’ve ever lost your iPhone, you know that you can use the feature to track its location.

But few know that it works even when the device is switched off, or the battery is dead. That’s because the chips never deactivate, even when the phone enters power reserve mode. So, you can still ping your iPhone to track or locate its position through a desktop computer or another device.

How do you know if your iPhone is completely dead?

There’s one way to understand whether or not your iPhone battery is completely dead. Usually, if your battery is down, you’ll see a battery meter display on your screen, telling you exactly how much power you have left on your smartphone.

If your iPhone is completely dead, it means the battery has no power on it to turn on. In this case, you won’t see any battery meter display on your iPhone.

Important Note

  • Some mobile phone gets dead if the RTC (Real Time Clock) is faulty. This happens mostly in China Mobile Phones. Change the RTC to fix the problem.
  • If the mobile phone gets hang after reloading software then change the RTC.
  • If the phone is still dead then check by replacing the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator.
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Restart phone without power button

In case your button is simply missing i.e. fell out, you can insert a thin object (like a toothpick, or a hairpin) on the exposed bump and that should get you started.

If your problem goes deeper than that, you can still turn on an Android phone using the correct combination of volume and home keys, and your USB data cable.

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