Why my cell phone only works with headphones

You need to figure out if your headphones or your Android smartphone is the problem. If you plug in your headphones and you don’t hear music, you can determine if your headphones or your phone is the problem.

You can start by plugging your headphones into another smartphone or a tablet. If they’re still not working, your headphones are the problem.

10 Methods to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Issue

Traditionally restarting the device helps to fix most of the iPhone issues. This is also called a soft reset. If restarting does not fix the sound problem then move on to the next fix.

If the iPhone’s volume is set to its lowest level or the ringer is set to mute, then there will be very low or no sound at all during the calls. Check and adjust the volume settings to your preferred audible level.

Why Android Only Works on Speaker?

There are 2 basic reasons why your phone can work alright on speakerphone and but fails to work regularly.

  • Either you cannot hear the other person. This is because the earpiece is damaged.
  • Or they are unable to hear you. This is because the dedicated noise canceling mic is damaged. Rarely happens on older phones that only had one microphone.

iPhone Speaker Not Working?

If you do not see the on-screen notice for headphones, but your iPhone or iDevice’s speaker isn’t producing any sound, check the following things first!

  1. Check that you set your Mute switch to the off position
    1. If your device has a Ring/Silent switch, move the switch so that orange isn’t showing
  2. Open Settings > Do Not Disturb and check that Do Not Disturb is off
  3. Turn volume all the way up via side volume button or Settings > Sounds > Ringer and Alerts Slider
    1. Drag the Ringer And Alerts slider up or down a few times and see if this makes any difference
    2. Try adjusting the volume with the slider in Control Center
  4. Check that Settings > Sounds > Change with Buttons is toggled on
  5. Make sure AirPlay is not sending your audio to another source
  6. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth 

Restart the Device and Check for Updates

Restart your terminal two or three times in a row. If this is only a temporary hardware or software glitch, restarting your phone a few times should fix it.

Then check for Android updates. If the Android version you’re running is glitched, go to Settings, tap System, and then select System update. Install the latest Android version available for your terminal and check if the loudspeaker problem persists.

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