Why my iPhone only charges to 80%

The Low Power Mode on iPhone is helpful when you’re running low on battery on your iPhone. However, it’s best to use the Low Power Mode only when you need to conserve your battery or in an emergency. Here’s how you can turn it off when charging your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select the Battery option.

Why Your iPhone Stops Charging at 80% on iOS 13 and Later

To learn more about Apple’s new battery charging feature and why your iPhone stops charging at 80%, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Optimized Battery Charging.

Optimized Battery Charging uses machine learning to understand your daily charging activity and extend your iPhone’s battery life. Based on historical data, your iPhone will delay charging past 80% when your device believes it will be left on the charger for a prolonged period. When machine learning predicts your charging behavior accurately, your iPhone should be fully charged by the time you unplug from your charger.

Disable Optimized Battery Charging

The Optimized Battery Charging feature puts the health of your iPhone’s battery above your smartphone needs. And that makes sense. Before you proceed to disable the feature, you should know that Optimized Battery Charging will eventually get your phone charged past 80%, but only when you need to use your phone.

If you cannot wait and you need your phone’s battery charged beyond 80% immediately, follow the steps below to disable Optimized Battery Charging on your iPhone.

Remove the iPhone Case

Your phone and battery temperature increase when you have a case on, particularly a thick one. With regular use, this increase in temperature doesn’t matter as much.

However, when charging, phones generate heat. As a result, a phone case can prevent this heat from being transferred to the environment as easily as when there’s no case on it.

Method 1- Turn Off Optimized Charging

Your iPhone uses on-device machine learning to understand your daily charging routine and predict if it will be plugged into the charger for a longer time. It can then slow down charging and wait for an appropriate time to finish charging past 80 percent.

This helps extend the battery lifespan and prevent degradation. However, the algorithm isn’t always right and might keep the battery at 80% for minutes or hours even when you want it to charge fast. Thankfully, you can turn it off, as shown below:

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