Why Your Phone Overheats and What to Do About It

We all want to get outside, take pictures and enjoy the good weather, but sometimes the heat can be too much for our phones to handle. Overheating can be hard on phones in a number of ways, including doing serious battery damage. To help avoid these issues, here are a few tips to prevent your phone from overheating.

  1. Consider a glare screen. On a hot summer day, it can be hard to see your phone through the glare. You might be tempted to turn up the brightness. This will only make your phone heat up more quickly, however. Instead, consider buying a glare screen to improve visibility in the sun.

Overcharging the Phone

Another factor that we mostly overlook, leading to our phone overheating while charging, is overcharging the phone. Most of us leave our phones plugged in overnight, which not only heats up the phone but also damages the battery.

So what to do?

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Unfortunately, buggy software is often the primary cause of mobile phones heating up. Sometimes a bug can result in the app stuck in a loop that takes up processor resources, while some bugs may result in excessive memory consumption, which again leads to more heat generation – you’ll find that your phone gets hot and the battery also gets drained at the same time.

Stay updated

Not only do you need to keep your operating system updated, but you also need to make sure you’re running the latest version of your apps. “If mobile apps aren’t updated, they require higher use of RAM and processors,” Hartwig says.

“New software and updates are produced regularly, and each update increases the minimum hardware requirements for the phone to run smoothly,” says Ajinkya Mishra, consumer tech expert at DevsJournal. “Old hardware can struggle to meet the requirements of new software, and even simple tasks such as sending emails can start overheating your phone.”

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Your Screen Brightness Is Too High

It can be difficult to see your phone in direct sunlight, but turning your brightness all the way up can cause your phone to get too hot. If possible, set your phone to automatically adjust its brightness based on ambient light.

Automatic adjustment means you should (in theory) always be able to see your phone screen without using excess power. If your phone requires manual adjustment, remember to turn your brightness back down after using it in the sunlight.

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